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Varicose Vein Treatment | Varicose Vein Removal 

Laser treatment for varicose vein removal is an increasingly more popular procedure due to advanced technologies allowing for minimal discomfort and downtime.

While there are many options available for varicose vein removal, our laser treatment specialists utilize the most advanced Cool Touch C-TEV laser for varicose vein treatment. This treatment has been clinically proven to more effectively close veins with essentially no bruising, swelling or scarring.

C-TEV Varicose Vein Treatment vs. Sclerotherapy & Other Vein Removal Methods

Unlike scelerotherapy, our varicose vein removal technique targets the vein vessel wall, not the hemoglobin, and unlike other diode lasers, our varicose vein treatment targets collagen allowing for shorter absorption length and less heat generation. Because entire lining of vein is removed the instance of new collateral vein growth is drastically reduced.  Our CTEV varicose vein treatment is also the only treatment available with automatic fiber pullback technology allowing for a consistent delivery of energy for even vein closure allowing for a smoother result.

Unlike painful vein stripping or scelertherapy which can have a 30%-70% rate of recurrence, our varicose vein treatment has a less than 4% rate of recurrence.

Candidates for Laser Varicose Vein Treatment

Approximately half of the population suffers from some type of venous disorder, including varicose veins or spider veins - 55% of women and 45% of men.  Symptoms range from minor to severe and can include leg pain, heaviness, fatigue and restlessness. Some people also experience itchy, swollen legs or skin ulcers. Not all men and women who suffer from a venous disorder experience bulging veins, so it is important that you speak with a doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms to see if you are a candidate for laser varicose vein removal.

Spider Veins

Spider veins are a much milder form of the venous disorder that results in varicose veins. They are composed of broken capillaries and / or enlarged connecting small veins. They are visible on the surface of the skin. Unlike varicose veins, which are caused by blood clotting, they do not protrude out of your skin. They will not turn into varicose veins but if they are left untreated, they may become slightly bigger.


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