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Plastic Surgery Videos

Learn about plastic surgery procedures through the experiences of our patients. Each segment follows a patient from their initial consultation with their surgeon, through the day of surgery, to their post operative appointment- including before and after pictures. Please be advised taht these videos contain surgery footage.

Plastic Surgery Before and After Videos

Watch plastic surgery videos about: Breast Augmentation - Rhinoplasty - Face Lift - Post Gastric Bypass Body Lift

To view more plastic surgey pictures, please visit our Before & After Gallery.

Educational Presentations

Learn more about plastic surgery procedures through the use of Dr. Smaili's educational presentations. These videos focus on the history of breast augmentation and the current options available for this procedure. Topics include Silicone vs. Saline Implants, Placement of the Implant and What Makes a Beautiful Breast.

For more information about Breast Augmentation or other plastic surgery procedures, please browse our site or schedule a complimentary consultations with one of our surgeons by calling 866-372-3288. If you are interested in becoming a featured patient please email