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Breast Surgery in African American Women

Many African-American women want to get breast augmentation and breast reduction procedures. However, there are few photos of the results available for perusal on the internet.

A frequent concern is the fear of heavy scarring (hypertrophic scarring) or Keloid scarring (pathologic scarring). These terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably, but they represent separate physiologic processes.

Hypertrophic (heavy) scars are a normal outcome in some patients, and reflect the physiologic response to local tension on scars, the location of those scars, and the individual's own genetic tendencies. Hypertrophic scars are limited to the area of injury, and are particularly prone to occur on the shoulders, knees, abdomen, breasts, and breast bone areas.

Keloid scarring, is a genetically inherited disorder in which scars heal as if they were tumors, growing outside the confines of the original wound or trauma. Keloids are uncommon and may be difficult to remedy, but sometimes respond to steroid injections. Keloids are common on the ears, neck, and over the breast bone, less common on the breasts, and rare in the axilla.